Busy, busy, busy!

Wow, 2011 has been a busy year so far! I’ve been baking batch after batch of Cup~Keiko’s for various fundraisers, birthday parties, and a recent wedding. I had a special request a couple of weeks ago from an old friend for her son’s 2nd birthday party (hi Cassius!). Check out this photo of the chocolate Mickey Mouse toppers my friend, Athena and I made for his birthday cupcake order (which included gluten and egg-free fresh strawberry mochi cupcakes). Can you find Mickey?

Chocolate Mickey gloves and shorts

Chocolate never looked so cute!


Welcome to Cup~Keiko’s

Welcome to Cup~Keiko’s blog.  My name is Madonna, and I started this blog to keep all of my cupcake thoughts in one place.  I love to bake and I can’t eat all of my baked goods by myself, so I started Cup~Keiko’s to share tasty treats with friends and family.  I hope that this blog will entice you to try some of my Cup~Keiko’s!